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 Concerns and Complaints

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PostSubject: Concerns and Complaints   Concerns and Complaints EmptySun Apr 29, 2012 7:55 pm

If you have a complaint about something in your scene or in the game, please put it in your Private Forum or in a PM to all ST's. Complaints and arguments in the forums take away from all the player's fun and just adds stress all around. Failure to do this will result in the complaint being deleted from your thread/post/area and a PM sent to request that you follow the guidelines in place.

STs check their mails regularly and check private forums several times a day. Feel free to leave a note in your post indicating that you have sent us a PM or a message in your Private Forum and please understand that we will get to it as soon as possible.

In most places we do follow the core rules, however at times these will be bent here and there for sake of ROLEplay rather then ROLLplay, as the books all state when you read them VtM is a framework on which the players and storytellers are to build and nothing is set in stone, we agree with the authors and if situations arise which require flexibility, the ST team will discuss and come to an agreement then act on it in unity.

Please also be aware that this game is the creation of her author, you may not agree with how things are called or handled and you may find your character in difficult situations that seem unfair, however there is never a dead end and there is always choices that can be made to change and alter the outcome. Complaints regarding something being `fair`or `unfair` will be addressed, however one will need to understand that WoD is dark, the characters within it even darker at times, and no, the WoD life is not fair. While your questions and concerns are welcome and the story teller will explain to you why something has happened, to continue to debate beyond explanations may be to your detriment. Ask questions, things will be clarified, but remember, the characters and situations within the game happen for a reason, and are not grounds for extended argument on the `correct`way to play. I want this game to be enjoyable for all to play, that includes the story teller.
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Concerns and Complaints
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