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 Merits and Flaws

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PostSubject: Merits and Flaws   Merits and Flaws EmptySun Apr 29, 2012 7:59 pm

The following Merits and Flaws are the ones most often used on this site. If you have questions about Merits or Flaws not mentioned here, please ask staff, they may be allowed, however you will need to make a good argument for them. Also remember, just because they are listed here, does not mean you will be able to use them, do not try to pad your character to get more points, nor get more benefits, any flaws or merits must be explained in your character development, and must fit the character and their experiences.

Physical Merits
Acute Sense (One of Sight/Smell/Touch/Hearing): 1p
Ambidextrous: 1p
Eat Food: 1p
Catlike Balance: 1p
Blush of Life: 2p
Enchanting Voice: 2p
Daredevil: 3p
Efficient Digestion: 3p
Huge Size: 4p
Friendly Face: 1p

Mental Merits
Concentration: 1p
Time Sense: 1p
Code of Honor: 2p
Eidetic Memory: 2p
Light Sleeper: 2p
Natural Linguist: 2p
Calm Heart: 3p
Iron Will: 3p
Coldly Logical: 1p
Computer Aptitude: 2p

Social Merits
Prestigious Sire: 1p
Natural Leader: 1p
Harmless: 1p
Domain: 2-4p

Supernatural Merits
Medium: 2p
Magic Resistance: 2p
Oracular Ability: 3p
Spirit Mentor: 3p
Unbondable: 3p
True Love: 4p
Inoffensive to Animals: 1p

Physical Flaws
Smell of the Grave: 1p
Short: 1p
Hard of Hearing: 1p
Infectious Bite: 2p
Bad Sight: 1-3p
One Eye: 2p
Disfigured: 2p
Child: 3p
Deformity: 3p
Lame: 3p
Monstrous: 3p
Permanent Wound: 3p
Slow Healing: 3p
Addiction: (Type of addiction must be passed by STs) 3p
Flesh of the Corspe: 5p (Nosferatu cannot take this flaw)
Blind: 6p
Permanent Fangs: 3p

Mental Flaws
Nightmares: 1p
Phobia: 2p
Prey Exclusion: 1p (Ventrue cannot take this flaw)
Shy: 1p
Soft-Hearted: 1p
Speech Impediment: 1p
Short Fuse: 2p
Territorial: 2p
Amnesia: 2p
Lunacy: 2p
Weak-Willed: 3p
Flashbacks: 6p

Social Flaws
Dark Secret: 1p
Mistaken Identity: 1p
Sire's Resentment: 1p
Enemy: 1-5p
Old Flame: 2p
Clan Emnity: (To be approved by STs) 4p

Supernatural Flaws
Touch of Frost: 1p
Repulsed by Garlic: 1p
Cursed: 1-5p
Cast No Reflection: 1p
Eerie Presence: 2p
Repelled by Crosses: 3p
Haunted: 3p
Grip of the Damned: 4p
Light-Sensitive: 5p
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Merits and Flaws
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