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A WoD RPG based on Vampire the Masquerade V20
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 Alcohol and Kine

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Alcohol and Kine Empty
PostSubject: Alcohol and Kine   Alcohol and Kine EmptySun Aug 12, 2012 8:20 pm

1-2 drinks, depending on your size: Still sober
2-3 drinks, depending on your size: Buzzed
3-4 drinks, depending on your size: Happy drunk
5-7 drinks, depending on your size: Stumbling drunk
7-9 drinks, depending on your size: Drunk: You will most likely remember little of your night
9 and up, depending on your size: Passed out and risking alcohol poisoning depending on how fast you drank.

Scale: 0-5
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Alcohol and Kine
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