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 Site Specific Gameplay Rules

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PostSubject: Site Specific Gameplay Rules   Site Specific Gameplay  Rules EmptySun Apr 29, 2012 8:03 pm

Eating and Drinking:
All kindred are able to eat or drink a small amount, however a roll for managing to swallow it will be needed. If you wish to eat or drink something, roll Manipulation+Expression, at a difficulty of 6 to make no face or sound at the taste, and a difficulty of 5 to still get it down, but you will gag or grimace, prompting others to ask if you are alright. If you fail this roll, you will vomit almost immediately, losing a BP in the process.

You have an hour from the time you successfully consume it, after that you will need to purge immediately, the need to vomit will come on you suddenly, the process of purging will cost you a BP, and if you wish to delay it, the cost is 1WP per 15 minutes.

This could be embarrassing and a breach if you do not time things well, you will loose BP, and if you consume more then a little, you may lose more then a single BP based on the amount consumed. The more you consume, the sooner you will need to purge as well, a cup of coffee or a bit of food would be an hour, a full meal, could end up being 15 or 20 minutes.

This does not apply to the Eat Food merit, in which you may eat as you feel like, but you will purge at the end of the night, at no loss of blood.

So to make things a bit simpler, those of you with Herd, when this comes up (once you make it) please make a note in your private forum when you are partaking. I will not assume that you do so each night to keep on full. If you wish to make it standard that you top up nightly... this can be arranged depending on how many herd you have, one person cannot be consistently fed from, remember this. I am not doing it automatically, as some may wish to save herd for when they are in dire straits and others will not.

Combat scenes can get chaotic, this game is not heavily in to combat, nor are there going to be massive scenes involving a million people in a fight, that is just way too insane. However, combat does happen, this world is violent, and you need to know what we will be doing when this comes up. From initiative to making your rolls/posts, here is what you need to know.

Sneak attacks:
Dexterity + Stealth vs. Perception + Alertness. (If the attacker gets more successes than the attacked, that many dice are added to the roll you use to hit, but no extra damage. If it is a tie, the attacked may dodge and if the attacked scores more successes it goes directly to initiatives.) Someone with Auspex activated may not be able to be caught in a sneak attack unless the attacker has Obfuscate, if the attacker has Obfusate, there may be rolls needed depending on levels of Auspex and Obfuscate held by the players.

Rolling Initiative:
1d10 + Dexterity + Wits (don't forget to subtract health penalties and armour dexterity penalty), keep the same initiative through the fight, but let buffs and more damage take effect in your roleplaying, if STs believe you are ignoring penalties we may PM you in regards to it. This is roleplay, not rollplay... we encourage you to take liberty and be as realistic as you can with your character for the better enjoyment of the game.

Normal action:
Everyone gets their first turn in order of initiative, deciding if they dodge or attack. Rolling any damage with the attack roll to make the flow continue. (However, players may call in Celerity actions to dodge during this phase.)

Celerity actions:
the offensive ones at least. (For gunners make sure to look at how many shots can be fired/round.) If more than one player has Celerity, continue doing one action each until either one is out of actions (thus letting the other one continue) or both are out of actions, the Celerity actions take place AFTER everyone has completed their initial action, however players can use their Celerity to dodge an attack after their initial action but before their turns for offensive actions.

Round two:
Combat round recap from an ST before the next round starts, please wait on the recap, the STs will do our best to make any and all combat scenes be roleplay along with the rolling, we will do more then just roll dice and will set up the scene each turn so that you are able to feel the flow of the situation.

It is very important that Celerity blood is spend the round before it is active as it is stated, that way it will not catch someone who made a surprise attack completely unable to defeat his foe, the sneak attack should be powerful. So if a sneak attack happens, it will take 2 attacks the defender needs to survive before he gets to use his/her Celerity rating at all.

If a player disappears from combat for an extended period of time (24hours or longer), the STs will turn their actions into defensive/escaping to preserve character life. If you are going to have to leave during a combat scene, you are free to also tell STs what your character may do, however we will usually go with defensive and save you rather then end up in a situation where you die while you are not here to roll the dice.

10s and 1s
10's count as two successes when you have a specialty, please indicate specialties in all rolls.

1's take away successes, and if you have 1's and no successes, you have rolled a botch, however your botch is just a botch, you cannot super botch, a single 1 or several 1's, it is the same thing in your botch.

Your 10's when you have a specialty will count as two successes, so a single 1 will take away only on success

Example, specialty applies
1 10 5 2 3
-there is one success as the 10 counts as two successes

Example, no specialties
1 10 5 2 3
-there are no successes as the player does not have a specialty, this is a fail.

Example: Fail
1 10 1 3 1 2 1
-This is still a fail, as you did roll one success, but then failed as well. This rule is not often used on most sites, but is found in the core book.

Example: Botch
1 2 4 4 3 1 1
-this is a botch as there are no successes at all, even though there are 3 botches, the botch result is the same had there only been one botch.

Please note, a fail means you didn't succeed, such as a failed hunt means you find no one. A botched hunt means you find something icky, maybe a disease, a drunk Kine or something along those lines. A success means that you get your meal so long as you don't do something really stupid.

Giving and Soaking Damage:
Giving and taking damage happens in the game, this is how we measure it out here.

Strength + Weapon modifier (+ Potence auto successes for melee/brawl)
While doing damage, the location that you are trying to hit will raise or lower your difficulty, a head shot or stabbing someone in the eye is much harder then punching them in the stomach. Please indicate where you are hitting/damaging during rolls

Guns do different amounts depending on what kind of gun it is, we will be using Core Rules, 3rd edition for weapon damage, however a shotgun blast from 2 feet away will do more damage then a shotgun blast from 100 metres away.

Stamina + Armour Rating + Fortitude
Please note you are able to dodge anything other then surprise attacks, so feel free to attempt to dodge before you soak the damage.
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Site Specific Gameplay Rules
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