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 Blood and Bodily Fluids

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Blood and Bodily Fluids Empty
PostSubject: Blood and Bodily Fluids   Blood and Bodily Fluids EmptyThu 3 Jan 2013 - 2:51

The Kindred condition has changed your body, you no longer need all the fluids you once excreted, and though the VTM text does cover this, as per ST perogative, the following is how I personally see blood and vampires working.

Tears: Vampires cry tears of blood, its poetic, symbolic and well, that is that.
Sweat: Why on earth would a vampire sweat, no need to regulate body temperature nor rid themselves of toxins, a vampire will not sweat blood, because a vampire does not sweat.
Saliva: No blood in it, same as the lubrication that allows the eyes to move and nose to scent, no blood there.
Ejaculate: Has blood in it
Lubrication: Trace amount of blood in it, however not a horrid bloody mess, blushing returns your body closer to when one was alive, and in all seriousness, female kindred will always be 'lubricated', otherwise there would be copious amounts of pain and trouble... go study human biology if you want to know why.

On being Kine:
Eat a cookie after, and it's far more enjoyable than donating blood with a needle. ~Cheryl Johnson
On being Brujah:
Never in his life was he so tempted to give another kindred a wedgie and stick their head in a toilet, probably for the best that he didn't though; he doubted that it would work out even half as well as he thought. ~Vince
On being Vampires:
He's probably not really heterosexual, I mean since when have vampires ever been hetero-normative? ~Guess who
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Blood and Bodily Fluids
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