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A WoD RPG based on Vampire the Masquerade V20
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 Rules and Regulations: Must Read

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Rules and Regulations: Must Read Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Regulations: Must Read   Rules and Regulations: Must Read EmptyWed Apr 25, 2012 5:38 am

While those that play these games tend to be adults, there are at times behaviours that result in negative and demeaning situations occuring, be it bullying, harrassment or otherwise. While we would like to think that will not happen here, we also have discussed and decided how such things would be handled should it arise. This in mind, upon reading this, please send a PM to Admin to indicate that you have read and understood. Without this you will not be able to begin playing.

1. Harassment and bullying. We are adults, there is no need for name calling, harassing PM's, insulting posts regarding another player, unwanted sexual comments or images, threats or otherwise. This includes in-game. We are roleplaying, people in character will be mean to each other, but if we feel that you are crossing the line, you will be spoken to about it. In-game harassment merits a warning that you may be taking things too far, out of character results in being removed from this board. This is for fun and entertainment, not domination.

2. Arguing. We encourage debate on issues that come up, if you see things differently then the ST, bring it up privately, ask them about it, and have a reasonable debate. This does not mean you will get your way, but you never know, perhaps sharing how you had understood something could change things, however arguing in threads with staff as well as other players about how a situation is running, is not acceptable. All issues should be taken to the ST of the scene first, and if needed, to general Admin as well. Sometimes things do not go as planned, we do not set out to make your life miserable in-character, but there are reactions to each of your actions.

3. Swearing. Yes, this is roleplay, and yes we are adults, however please try to use a reasonable amount of swearing with your characters, every other word does not need to be explicit. If we feel that you are overusing the more 'colourful' language, we will ask you privately to tone it down, if you are not sure if it is 'too much' just ask us, we will let you know.

4. Font Colour To ensure that your text is easily read and also to provide for a difference between description and speaking, please make use of font colour or the Bold, Italics and Underline options. Below is a list of how each will appear, note the ones that do not appear clearly, and avoid using these please.
Using Bold.
Using Italics.
Using Underline.
Using Dark Red.
Using Red.
Using Orange.
Using Brown.
Using Yellow.
Using Green.
Using Olive.
Using Cyan.
Using Blue.
Using Dark Blue.
Using Indigo.
Using Violet.
using White.
Using Black.

If a situation arises in game play or otherwise that you are not comfortable with, please let us know. We acknowledge that what one may find comfortable in a scene, another may not and we do not wish to put you in a situation you are not comfortable with. Open communication is key, if something is bothering you, let us know, we can't change things unless you do.
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Rules and Regulations: Must Read
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