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A WoD RPG based on Vampire the Masquerade V20
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 Player Registration

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PostSubject: Player Registration   Wed Jun 28, 2017 9:47 pm

Current availability: 2-3 spaces available

Due to the nature of this game and the desire for the administration to adequately provide interaction and roleplay, the site is limited on how many individuals are able to play. If you are going to be unable to play for a period of longer then three weeks due to circumstances, let the administration know and put your character into Torpor until you return, otherwise you may lose your place. If unforeseen circumstances occur and you are unable to notify staff, please inform us upon your return, as nothing is ever set in stone. I of all people know that life can spring a lot of things on you, and in no way feel that someone should be penalized for this.

Upon creating an account, you are activated and added to the player ranks, at that point there is a period of 3 days in which your spot is 'held' for you, however if there is no contact from the player by the end of the three days, the place is open once more to any who may be interested.

On being Kine:
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Player Registration
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